A good friend, mentor and colleague of mine, Lynn Scheurell of the Creative Catalyst, once said, and I’m paraphrasing here:

“As an entrepreneur, your business is a reflection of you. If you don’t like what you see happening in your business, look at yourself!”

It’s so true. Whatever’s going on energetically with you personally, impacts your business. If you have issues with the flow of money in your personal life, there’s a good chance the flow of money and/or clients in your business fluctuates as well. If you have difficulty standing up for yourself in your personal life, most likely you have difficulty in expressing to the world what you do and the wonderful services you provide. The former is a Root chakra issue and the latter a symptom of an imbalance in the throat chakra.



One client of mine, Bev, was surprised to learn how her experience of being a child in the foster care system, and later the death of her daughter, had impacted her business growth. She had unconsciously become guarded and afraid because the closest relationships to her had been ripped from her life. The death of her daughter had also left her feeling that she didn’t have “the right” to be happy, and, she had difficulty seeing her business as a large enterprise, even though it was what she wanted. She was afraid to allow her business to grow and thrive because of her perceived vulnerability. If she played small, the risk was small and the hurt minimized should it not go as she planned.

The only thing was she didn’t really want to play small! Once she realized what paradigm she had created, she started envisioning and communicating her vision to her staff, which almost immediately started manifesting large client contracts which in the past she had shunned and avoided as being “too big”!

Her story is an example of both the Root and brow chakras at work. If we don’t feel grounded (Root), then we don’t feel safe and secure and probably are unwilling to take risks or “live large” or pursue our full potential. It’s not uncommon then for the brow chakra or “third eye”, the chakra that allows us to “see” our potential, our future and possibilities, to shut down as well.

Her story is unique but not unusual. Frequently, I see a cross-correlation between one chakra and another. We’ll be exploring this more in future blog posts.



What do you want to create for yourself in your work or business? We are approaching the Summer Solstice on Friday. These hallmarks in the year are a perfect time to stop and reflect and set new intentions for what we want to create. We also have a full moon on Sunday. The energy of the full moon is waning; it gets smaller in the days following it. So if you want to use that energy, it’s a great time to make a list of the things that you want to release – the habits, the negative thinking, or things you perceive as “lacking” and let them go.

After you’ve written them down, you might want to have a special ceremony where you light a candle and then burn your list in the fireplace; visualizing releasing all of the things that no longer serve you.  See them vaporize like smoke into the air.



If you live in the San Diego area, I have a special but casual event on Sunday, on the beach, at Torrey Pines State Beach. It includes: Yoga for your Chakras, a guided Chakra Connection self-healing and a guided chakra meditation. You can find more details and RSVP here.

I encourage you to come, share and learn some tools to help yourself be more in alignment and balanced in your everyday life!

Do some people leave you exhausted?  Do you sometimes find yourself feeling almost physically ill around certain people?


A client of mine yesterday, Sue, expressed to me how she was noticing that she was picking up and sensing all of her students’ feelings of distress and anxiety. It was causing her much physical discomfort.  Sue works with young children who are learning challenged.

I asked her what she was doing to help ground herself at the beginning of each day.  If you work in a service profession, and that can be doctors, counselors, teachers, lawyers, massage therapists, etc. then you probably interact with people who have a lot of crud going on in their lives. If you’re not careful, you can end up taking on all of their grief, pain and unhappiness.  The end result is that you can end up feeling fatigued, ill, depressed and may even experience difficulty sleeping.

For that reason it’s really important that you make a point of doing what we call “self-care” (things like meditation and others, which I’ll address in another post) and to ground yourself on a daily basis so that you can be of the best service to your clients.

In Sue’s case, she was using the practice of visualizing a bubble of protection and white light around her, but since she was still experiencing discomfort, I recommended she take it to another level.  I suggested that she also make the statement (out loud or to herself internally) of something like “Please let me be of service to my clients; a channel for their well-being. Let their “stuff” be there stuff and my stuff be my stuff.”  In this way she is asking for an additional level of protection.  She’s also acknowledging to the Universe that she does want to be of service and the best way for her to do that is to be grounded herself.

Sue was concerned that by protecting herself she would be in some way putting up an emotional wall between her and her students. In fact, by not being properly grounded, she was acting as a sponge for everything they were feeling, which in the end was causing her to shut down emotionally in order to try and avoid the pain and discomfort she was feeling! Instead, by being properly grounded, she can transmute their energy back to them in a positive way.


I also suggested that if she still notices that she’s experiencing any discomfort physically, that she use her breath to shift the situation. Our bodies are our first set point of what is going on with us. As soon as you notice your stomach tightening, your breath becoming shallower, your chest tightening, or even some nausea, that’s your indicator that something isn’t right!

Our breath is the one tool that we have at our disposal at any given moment.

A simple exercise to shift in the moment, whether you are driving or with a group of people or even on the phone with a client, is the following:

Take a deep breath from your abdomen through your nose (your abdomen should extend as you inhale), hold it at the top for a couple of seconds, and exhale through your mouth, being sure to let all the air out (your abdomen should contract inward as you exhale). Repeat three times. By the third breath you should notice a shift has occurred. Sometimes you may want to repeat that process again, especially in particularly stressful situations.


The key, as I learned from Deepak Chopra, is to hold the breath at the top of the inhale.  Whenever you hold your breath, it causes a shift in the brain because you are altering the breathing process, a normally autonomic bodily function.  That shift is usually just enough to interrupt the stress process and allow you to regain your composure.

Your breath can bring you peace, relaxation, and stillness to your being.

My clients, who have put this into practice on a regular basis, tell me how much it has impacted their ability to handle stressful people and situations.  It will allow you to be of more service to your clients. Which in the end is what I think we all want as professionals.

What has been your experience?  What do you do in-the-moment to shift your energy around difficult people?  Please post your thoughts!

With good energy,


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