What makes you different?

December 5, 2014

To pick up where we left off in my last post, in connecting with your life purpose there are three keys I find to be at the core of an individual’s true life satisfaction and fulfillment – that feeling of living your life purpose and what you are here to do and be.

You came into this world with a mission and purpose, a seed, although you may have forgotten what it was. 

One key is the life challenges you’ve experienced. But sometimes you’re too close to what you’ve gone through in life to see where your life purpose lies in at all. It can feel like a random string of events, with no real thread.

Sometimes you have to take a back-door approach to get there.

Your life story, the challenges you’ve experienced, serve to not only remind you why you’re here, but to give you the tools to share in order to live your life purpose. And the best part is when you connect with that, your life and business can be a reflection of that in a way that feels soooo easy!

Your natural abilities are the second key. Your inborn way of dealing with the world may not seem all that unique to you, but someone else most likely would deal with the same set of life circumstances differently.

That’s when it’s helpful to have a mirror. Some way of reflecting back to you what it is that makes you different.

One place to start is with those closest to you. Depending on your relationships, your family can be a great first resource for you. Now, if that immediately brings up resistance or feelings of vulnerability, then move your thoughts to your closest friends or advocates. What do these people closest to you say about you? What do they compliment you on? What do they say “You’re so good at ______”. What do they all come to you for assistance with? What natural ability do you have that you’re the go-to person for?

Not sure? Ask them! Make a list of your closest family, friends and trusted advisors. Go ahead. Do that now. Then come back and we’ll pick up from there.

Got it? Okay. Now here’s what you do. Call them up or make a point of asking them next time you see them “Hey, I’m curious, what do you see as my natural skills or abilities? If you were talking to a friend about me how would you complete the statement ‘She/he is so good at ___________’? Are there certain abilities that you feel seem to come so easily for me but not other people you know?”

These mini-interviews can be the starting point in helping you to begin to connect the dots. They may or may not be the answers in themselves, but most likely, at the very least, will start to trigger a thought stream.

As you go through the process, record what you’re hearing without judgment or criticism. Try to keep an open mind. Remember, you’re looking for the common threads that tie it all together. The more open you can be to the information you’re receiving, the more insights will begin to come to you. Don’t get too caught up on all of the details. It might not be the actual skills or activities themselves, but some attribute about them.

After reading the above you may have thought to yourself, “Just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean I’m going to be successful at it, or that it feels like my life purpose.”

And you’re right! I’ve had more clients than I can count who fit that bill. They quit their job and started a business doing what they were good at as an employee and they’re miserable, with a capital “M”.

There’s one more key to the life purpose equation that we haven’t talked about yet. I’ll address that in the next email. So watch your inbox for the next installment!

What are your thoughts on all of this? What have you found to be the missing pieces for you in your life satisfaction? Have you found the perfect mix for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please post your thoughts or questions below.

With good energy,

Debra Wilson Guttas



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