The Power of Focus

January 23, 2015

What’s your vision for 2015? You’ve probably set some intentions or resolutions or goals. But what’s your overriding theme for the year?

Last year, for the first time, I decided it would be fun to pick a single word as my theme for the entire year — something that would envelope all of my goals and intentions for myself both personally and professionally.

I settled on the word “expansion”. That felt really big to me and had a lot of energy behind it when I thought about it. I just “knew” that big changes were ahead of me.

WHEW! I couldn’t have been more on target! Last year really was a big year. I hosted my first global speaker summit, the largest and most growth-expanding project I’ve ever undertaken in my business.

Hosting a summit challenged my confidence in approaching well-known speakers and authors, my organization, my delegating (could have done better in that area, I’ll admit), my energy and stamina, my technology skills and my ability to maintain balance in my life (could’ve done better in that area as well, just ask my husband!), and SO MUCH MORE.

On a personal level, in great part due to the above, I grew exponentially as well. You just don’t take on a project of that magnitude without making some giant leaps internally.

The power of that kind of focus is immeasurable.

It gives you a quick and easy way to make decisions, even without having to go back and revisit your goals. If it doesn’t fit in with your theme, you just don’t give it much thought. You can immediately either back-burner or toss it.

That brings me to the next powerful tool that works hand in hand with having a theme – a Vision Board. I’m on my 4th or 5th Vision Board now I think. I keep perfecting the process and adding to it.

If you’re in the San Diego area, I’m excited to announce that due to popular demand, I’m leading another Vision Board playshop this month!

Now, this is not your run-of-the-mill Vision Board. Oh no. You’ll have fun not only with paint and images, but you’ll incorporate the emphasis of the Chinese New Year (which this year is the Ram) AND the power of Feng Shui AND you’ll experience a new self-discovery process to assist you in tapping into what really lights you up on that deep spiritual level.

The playshop is happening Saturday January 31st. I’m partnering with Inspire San Diego Studio who will be hosting the event. Their studio is a wonderful setting for this kind of soul-ful work.

WHAT: Feng Shui Vision Board (with a twist)
WHEN: January 31st
TIME: 12-3 p.m.
WHERE: Inspire SD Studio

I’ve had people tell me that they’ve done vision boards before but that “they weren’t like yours” and “you made the experience fresh”.

Here’s what a couple of past participants have had to say:

“Thanks. This is great for inspiration & creativity. Fun! Fun! Fun!” Sue H.

“Nice format. Loved the Chinese New Year info.”


“Loved having the space to do this important visioning. Nice approach.” Nancy G.

Grab your seat now while you can as the studio has limited seating.

We’ll supply all of the materials including paint and poster and even the magazines, but feel free to bring any images that you’ve been collecting. I also suggest bringing a few personal photos of you, your family, etc. to include to put YOU in your vision board, but make sure they’re photos from a happy time that give you a warm fuzzy feeling when you look at them.

Go HERE to grab your spot!

With good energy,

Debra Wilson Guttas



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