Tired of the client / income rollercoaster ride?

February 26, 2015


Oh, that infamous financial and client rollercoaster. It’s the one thing all entrepreneurs have experienced at one point or another. But it can feel like you’re the only one on it, because let’s face it, no one likes to admit it or talk about it.

If you’ve been in business for awhile, it can sometimes feel like feast or famine. You might have periods where you have more clients than you can handle and then “poof”, the bottom falls out and you’re left wondering where the heck everyone went!

Two things are key: focus and consistency. 


Do you even know what marketing activities give you the biggest return? Have you measured it? There’s always going to be some expert out there who’s going to tell you that speaking at events is the answer. Another will tell you it’s having a BLOG.

But not everyone is a speaker. Some people are good writers but not speakers. Some are neither and do best when they’re out schmoozing at a network event. Start by focusing on the activities that you’ve found bring you clients. Work that down to a science, then add another activity to see how that does for you.


It’s easy when you get busy to slack off of your marketing activities. You market like crazy, get busy and don’t market, and then once you’ve completed your current projects you look around and, alas, no clients!

As hard as it can be, continuing your marketing, even if it means you slow down the frequency but still keep it going, will make a difference in how steep those dips are.

But there’s an even more important key I haven’t mentioned yet: that’s being able to effectively attract the right client to you in the first place.

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With good energy,

Debra Wilson Guttas



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