Happy New Year!

December 29, 2011


As the year draws to a close, like many of you, I find myself reflecting on all that occurred this year and what I want to create in the year to come.  I’ve wanted to start a BLOG and it seems only appropriate to start it with a “thank you” to all of you who have supported me in my art.  And I don’t mean only those of you who have purchased my designs, but to all of you who have expressed an appreciation of it.  You can appreciate and recognize on some level what goes into making a design.  Many of you do and have, and I thank you for that! 

As an artist, you aren’t just selling merchandise, you are selling something that has come from your heart and soul, and, quite frankly, that leaves you a little vulnerable.  So, it is very nice when it is embraced by the public! 

Being an artist in any form is a journey into oneself, in all its beauty and ugliness.  An artist oftentimes uses art to work through things they are dealing with and you’ll see it reflected in their paintings, the music they write, etc.  Any veteran artist will tell you that they frequently start off a project / piece with an image of what they want to create and often the end result looks nothing like what they had in mind.  And while the natural progression of a business is also like that, the artist deals with it on a daily basis!  It’s almost like we become a “channel” for some artistic muse of some sort.  Accessing that muse requires a “letting go” of the process, a shutting down of the critical mind that is chirping at you, asking you “what the heck are you creating here?!”  It can be both exciting and scary at the same time.  It’s particularly challenging sometimes for someone who likes to be in control, such as myself!  I often think that perhaps that is why I have been drawn to use my creativity, so that I can learn to “let go” more, because art is such a wonderful vehicle for that process. 

I strongly believe we each have something to contribute to this world and it is our life’s purpose to figure out and explore what that is.  In the process, we learn a lot about ourselves.  And, like it or not, all our wonderful imperfections get put under the microscope.  The difference between having a job and being an artist, or any entrepreneur for that matter (as I’ve just recently learned from my great friend, Lynn Scheurell) is that whatever “issues” you have on a personal level, are really magnified in your art or business.  

Why am I sharing all of this?  I don’t know.  That’s what a BLOG is for, right?!  I guess because I want to share my own life lessons.  And one of those for me recently was the realization that your business is an extension of you.  Your business success is determined by your ability to grasp that fact and work through your own issues and life lessons.  If something’s not working in your own business, look at the parallels on a personal level.  You might be surprised.  The good news is, once you deal with it on one side it flows to the other.  Yayyy! 

So, while many of you are looking back on the year, reflecting on what you want to accomplish in the coming year, I’m looking at my designs and wondering, what will I do next?  How can I keep my designs exciting and fresh and current with the trends?  What new techniques do I want to explore?  Because quite honestly, no level of appreciation is enough in and of itself; it’s more than that.  You have this indescribable need/urge/craving, like an itch you have to scratch, to create whatever it is you create.  There’s the urge to explore and push your limits, which ultimately means you risk rejection, if what comes forth isn’t accepted.  

I’m also exploring new partnerships and projects and I am very anxious to see how they all materialize!  I am challenging myself to let go of what I think my own business should look like and be more open to allowing things to show up.  That’s super exciting! 

Many of you have asked me how I got started in this business, and so I will reflect on my journey here in more detail throughout the year, but not all at once!  I also will attempt to give you a peek into my mind, process and business of creating jewelry. 

As always, I welcome your feedback.  My ultimate goal is to create jewelry that makes you feel really special when you wear it.  So please let me know what you like and what you’d like to see.  If it’s a fit for me, I’ll do it! 

Also, if you feel there’s a way we can partner, please let me know that as well.  If it’s in line with my business mission, I’ll consider it with a lot of thought. 

Best wishes to you in the New Year!  May all that you strive for in 2012 become a reality in bigger and better ways than you could have imagined! 

To your success,


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